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Twenty Social-Eco-Media Gurus I Follow

By: Everett S
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Before we get started, this isn’t a popularity contest. It is a list of people who I follow and recommend due to the nature of their content submissions. Some of them may not get a lot of stories popular, but I find them all consistently submitting "green content" that I pesonally find interesting. If you like this blog and are looking for more great websites about the environment and sustainable living, check out some of the eco-centric "social media" folks below. There was also a story awhile back about the top ten environmental Diggers. Go check it out for even more great sites. But there’s more to life than Digg so I’m including some other popular social media platforms. And for those of you who dont’ know what that means…

Social media is a form of online interaction by which people interested in similar topics share stuff they find online. The submitted content is then voted on by the community and the best content rises to the top.

Balibones Avatar
First, but certainly NOT foremost, I want to introduce you to a few of my profiles. I like to submit eco-centric content and invite you to share yours. I am Balibones:
Digg | Stumbleupon | MindBodyGreen | Hugg | Twitter | Reddit | Mixx | Pownce
Sustainablogger avatar
#1 – Sustainablogger
His webiste | Stumbleupon | Digg | Hugg | Mixx | Twitter
Socialpyramid avatar
#2 – Socialpyramid
Twitter | Digg | Reddit | Stumbleupon | Mixx | Propeller | Hugg | Care2 | Delicious
C4Chaos avatar
#3 – C4Chaos
His website | Gaia | Twitter | Ma.gnolia | Stumbleupon
Granola Joe avatar
#4 – Granola Joe
His website | MindBodyGreen | Stumbleupon | Digg
Brett from Tibet avatar
#5 – BrettFromTibet
His website | Stumbleupon | Twitter | Hugg | Reddit | Mixx | Digg | Delicous | Gaia | Tribe
Harley Jane avatar
#6 – Harleyjane18 AKA Bukowski
His website | Stumbleupon | Twitter | Digg
Ecogeek avatar
#7 – Ecogeek
His website | Stumbleupon
Environmental Graffiti avatar
#8 – Envirograffiti
His website | Stumbleupon
Moojj mooj avatar
#9 – Moojj
His website | Stumbleupon | Twitter | Digg | Mixx | Pownce
Pet Sheep avatar
#10 – Petsheep
Supernova 17 avatar
#11 – Supernova17
Digg | Stumbleupon | Pownce
AIDG avatar
#12 – Aidg
Their Website | Stumbleupon
Max Gladwell avatar
#13 – Max Gladwell
His website | Stumbleupon | Digg | Twitter
Greenbodie avatar
#14 – Greenbodie
His website | Stumbleupon
Victoria E avatar
#15 – Victoria E
Her website | Stumbleupon
Zaibatsu avatar
#16 – Zaibatsu
His website | Stumbleupon | Digg | Twitter | Mixx
Aidenag avatar
#17 – Aidenag
Digg | Reddit | Stumbleupon
Maheshee 11 avatar
#18 – maheshee11
His website | Stumbleupon | Mixx | Digg | Reddit
Burkinaboy avatar
#19 – Burkinaboy
Digg | Stumbleupon | Pownce | Twitter
cosmic debris avatar
#20 – Cosmikdebris
Digg | Mixx | Pownce


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Comments (16)

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  1. Starfocus says:

    These people are all social media leaders and are fantastic. I follow them regularly :)

  2. Tim Hurst says:

    Solid list. A few of my favorites as well as some new folks I’ll be checking out.

  3. Thanks so much for including me on this list. I’m definitely into green and social media.. but I’m not sure if I’d make the “guru” cut. One of my favorite up-and-coming guys is Alex Ramon – – he unearths some amazing stories.

  4. I’ve been doing my Social Action, Social Justice, and Green Issues PodCast since April 2005. A friend of mine pointed me over here (Mike Potter from ESC! Magazine and I’m looking forward to reviewing more of the trends that get discussed here.

    The more I learn every day, the more I learn that I don’t know.

    Brad P. from NJ
    Whole Lot of Nonsense PodCast –

  5. Great list. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Clayton says:

    Thanks for adding me to this list!
    I wanted to note that I also have a pretty active digg profile:
    It also has links to Reddit, Twitter, and Mixx.

    Thanks again!

  7. Max Gladwell says:

    Thanks for the mention. Also use FriendFeed as a good follow/lifestreaming resource. And here’s the link to my Twitter.

  8. An excellent list indeed, but I might have liked it better if there were more than just one woman on the list. There are plenty of us eco-geeky ladies out there!

  9. Thanks very much for the list. Looking forward to networking and sharing green content. We have put your site in the queue for one of the resources to list in our green living section.

  10. A spectacular list that I am honored to be a part of. :D

  11. Ahoy again – #15 here. Just wanted to let you know that I am on a few other media sites.


  12. Wow! I’m honored… thank you so much!

  13. ~C4Chaos says:

    i’m honored to be on this list as well. i’ve found new kindred cyber-souls to connect with ;)

    for those who are interested with my other musings, i also offer my friendfeed page:

    thanks and see you around!


  14. fatlester says:

    I would like to add Mixx user “birdz”, whose website is “”. He’s not a real popular social media user and far from a household-name.

    His blog is terrific though, and this guy is a superstar-blogger in-the-making, and I highly recommend anyone reading this to check out his site.

  15. Social Media Eco-guru? Shucks! Thanks for the mention. Now i feel that I have to really step things up to be worthy of the title. Some ab-fab names up there and some new people for me to check out. Sweet.

    We’re on twitter as well:

  16. Gary Harris says:

    I am the founder of The Harris Institute for Young Entrepreneurs also known as THI~YE. I am in the process of building the worlds first 100% self-sufficient Pre-K through 12th Grade private school in Florida. THI~YE will have 100% paperless classrooms and be capable of producing its own electricity. Al students will graduate with a high school diploma and an “AA” degree. Students will grow its own food ane serve it in our 10,000 square foot restaurant.

    The school has its own Research and Development Department where students will research and study everything from
    Bio-Medicine to Bio-Fuels.

    For more information please visit the web site. The web site is updated monthly. This will be the first of thirty schools.

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