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Using Wind Energy to Simplify Your Life

Wind Turbine

With so many ways to get energy to your home, it can be a bit tricky to decide which option is best for you. Today, we are going to focus on Wind Energy and discuss some of the benefits with you. If you are looking for a green solution as well as a way to save yourself money then you have definitely come to the right place!

How Wind Energy is Produced with Turbines

Wind Energy is created when a wind generator’s blades rotate (most commonly, there are three blades present on each wind turbine). This act of rotation then converts the kinetic energy from the wind into rotating momentum within the shaft of your turbine. The shaft then causes an alternator to spin and before you know it, you have yourself some electricity.

Types of Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines can spin either on a horizontal or vertical axis. The horizontal axis turbines have a rotor shaft and electrical generator at the very top of their tower. These types have to be pointing towards the wind and are the most commonly used types of turbines. Since their blades are located on the side of the center of gravity of the turbine, this means a more stable design that requires less maintenance. The designs are quite tall, allowing for better access to stronger winds and can be placed in a location with uneven land. Most horizontal axis turbines are self-starting as well, saving you energy.

Vertical axis turbines have their rotor shaft placed in a vertical manner. The reason these are such a popular option is because they can capture just as much energy whether they are pointed towards the wind or away from the wind. They are extremely easy to maintain and work wonderful for hilltops. However, they can be quite expensive and do not have as fast of speed; requiring energy in order to start.

Wind Pumps

If turbines don’t seem like the right option for you, never fear; because wind pumps can also get the job done very nicely. These systems are able to make electricity possible for those locations where electric power is not present or is a bit on the expensive side. Wind Pumps can also be used as a simple way to bring well water to both humans and livestock as well as to irrigate your land; killing multiple birds with one stone.

Requirements to Consider

Before you can select Wind Energy as your electricity option, you must first have at least one acre of land with a fairly windy environment. The more wind you have available to you, the better.

It’s important to realize that this energy solution requires quite a bit of maintenance. This is why it’s so important that you purchase high quality equipment right out of the gate and research on which designs will work best for your personal needs. It’s also extremely important to hire an experienced installer so your system will last you a long time and be able to get the job done efficiently.

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